New version of Blynk Platform. Sign up for Beta

I am just glad I backed off on a wholly Blynk infrastructure (back when we lost scaled font functionality :wink: ) so I have nothing to lose by losing further support :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I am unsure about my further time/energy investment… besides, my interests where/are more in a customisable and flexible GUI for MCU control than IoT.


My guess is no. It was already said earlier that the web interface is not going to work with the local server.

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And my feeling is roughly the same :wink:

dear @Gunner,
do you mean you’re going to stay with the previous version of blynk?
I’m not sure I understood everything, but reading the new rules, it seems to me that only the beta testers will have free access. (Demo app package
$100 / month)
But for how long ? 6 months ? all life time?
and bye bye local server… :fearful:


Still getting the "…Data cannot be sent… error. Really wanna sign up for Beta!

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try to buy the demo app package , maybe it works well.

@Boxy @syncop
We can see that registrations are going through. And we can’t reproduce the issue you are describing. Try registering through “content writer” link and let me know if get the same error.

@PeteKnight your energy will continue working on old system. Also, as moderator of community you will get free access to the Beta.

@Gunner new Blynk has autoscaling multiline text widget. Specially for you :slight_smile: As a top forum member, you will get free access to Beta.

Re: Local Server.
It’s not planned for first release 100%, but we are, of course, considering it for future releases.
We had to reconsider the use of local server due to those who abused Blynk platform for many years.

Re: Free/Paid.
It was mentioned in the blog post, that business model is changed. A few details.

  • no energy and microtransactions
  • majority of features for individual use (more than now) will be free, but with certain limitations on volume.
  • professional features, providing extended use will be paid. For example: access to raw data, sharing to more than X people, connecting over N number of devices, etc
  • commercial plans (app publishing) will be updated to include CBM offering.
  • new product for small businesses will be introduced to enable commercial possibilities without a need to publish a standalone app. Paid, based on usage.

Overall, we had these goals to achieve with the new model:

  1. More free features for developers and makers to enable creativity and innovation
  2. Move anything that signifies business use, or heavy use to paid plans.

Got it! I turned off WiFi on my phone and signed up on it.


Do you have a start date for the new platform?
when will we know if we have been selected as beta tester ?

Thanks you @Pavel for your explanations and for your time :slight_smile:



thanks Pavel for your explanation about the system, it is so dissapointing to see how a company needs to redesing its bussines model due abuse of the capabilities offered ( local server etc…).
Hope to this new platform will captive us as same motivation as current one, but there are a lot of questions that I feel it will be not make happy to everyboby like waht happend with my money spent in energy?, how long it takes the “old” platform until shutdown? etc…
apart of that it is also very difficult to define when the platform is used for personal/maker use and for bussines use, examples as adafruit cloud with hard limitations of free use could create a migration to other platforms.

Let see what the future show us, sure that blynk platform will keep us main of us¡


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Old version will stay available. Your projects will continue working. Servers will be maintained, kept up and running. But all development will happen only on the new platform.

Hopefully it will be good enough :crossed_fingers:to incentivize everyone to migrate, especially considering the fact that code running on hardware will only require minor update.

I’m personally sure you will love it!

Overall, our motivation is not to screw everyone up, but to build a better product, obviously. Also, features we added were requested by community for a while, so I believe everyone will be happy.


And what about multi-platform support? I believe the answer is ‘yes, all platforms supported by Blynk will be (are?) supported in Blynk2’ but it is worth asking, especially that only very recently I discovered the easiness and functionality of Lua environment and Blynk library developed by @vshymanskyy


We don’t think it’s a priority right now since we have a top 4 hardware platforms used by 95% of the users. Overall, library is not changing, so everything should work.

Blynk.Air, for example, is impossible to make cross-platform. But if there is a demand for some hardware, we’ll do our best to make it work.

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No hihi


I already have a Local Server and one primary display project… A solar monitor running 24/7/365 with static 10.1" Tablet display, in portrait… so I will obviously keep it going unless I find a suitable replacement. As for further use of Blynk Classic… hard to say.


@Pavel, So, is there going to be a new forum as well?? Hard to see continuing on with the new version in here, without lots of confusion.

And if a new one… what of this forum? Even if Blynk classic is left functional, there are still lots of long term and recent issues and questions that will no longer see official resolution here.

Perhaps this forum could to be switched to a “read only” reference format, like the recent changes to the Arduino one?


Well I signed up… but… Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom! :boom:

Are we awaiting an email?
A courier delivered Blynkified laptop with embedded security clearances?
BLYNK_GREEN helicopters, dropping special forces to affirm identity and qualifications? :rofl:


Hello . How much energy do you use a Local server?

a local server need zero energy from blynk.
energy free