New to all this

Hi so I’m trying to make a gps tracker and have downloaded Blynk and I’m on Arduino on my laptop.
I have a nodeMCU and a gps Module. Iv been watching so many YouTube vids to try and do this but I just can’t work out the Arduino to get the right sketch I just really do t know what I’m doing so if anyone could help I would appreciate it

If someone could copy and paste the right sketch for me I think I could do it

How will the NodeMCU upload it’s location to the Blynk cloud server?
The NodeMCU requires a WiFi connection to do this, which either means that it needs to be within range of a known network (in which you know where the device is, to a couple of hundred feet), or it needs to use a smart phone as it’s hotspot. In this case, you’d be better tracking the smart phone rather than using additional hardware to do what the smart phone can do anyway.

The alternative is a GPRS device that takes a SIM card, in which case you need to decide that before writing your code.


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You contradict yourself… considering there are probably hundreds of existing example codes out there to read GPS data on a NodeMCU… and lots of info here on how Blynk works and how to learn more… so given that hundreds of codes have already been “given to you” you should be well on your way … :stuck_out_tongue:

Find such a GPS code and learn how it works and how to add it to this basic Blynk sketch (AKA replace the uptime display here with GPS data)

Yup, @PeteKnight thought out the finer logistical details whilst I only get triggered by the “First post begging”.

I posted mine before seeing his :innocent:… but I say follow his advice with this example to get your Blynkin’ feet wet, then perhaps you can put in more effort searching/learning existing material for your prior goal, as I was… ahem… explaining.

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