New iOS Release 2.13.0

The 2.13.0 update is available in the App Store.

This update features a GPS Stream widget on iOS. With GPS Stream widget you can pass your phone location to the device.

Also in this update:

  • SuperChart always shows all axes labels in full-screen mode regardless widget settings.
  • SuperChart shows axes labels on top of actual graphing view.
  • Fixed a reported bug when user couldn’t login into account because of unrecognized server address.
  • Logging is turned off be default and can be enabled in system Settings app when needed.



** UPDATE **

The 2.13.1 update is now available in the App Store.

  • Video Stream widget now has full-screen mode
  • Fixed GPS Stream widget background support

Gps will be work on background?
What about this on shared app on it able to send data to server or just it is a shared app?

Yes (if you allow it when asked)

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GPS stream works in shared project (again, if user allowed it when asked)

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Export .csv file dose not work on ios.

First of all thanks for the many of updates for IOS you did in the past month. That’s makes much more fun to use Blynk with IOS.

I have to inform about some issues I found out.
Sorry for my late comment but I did not manage to put it together earlier.
My set up: Local Server, latest Version: 0.29.0, Blynk IOS App: 2.13.1
Nearly all issues are related to Device Tile:

  1. Refreshing interval of Virtual Pin in labeled value do not work inside Device Tile
    o If I use the same setup of labeled value with same settings outside the Tile it works
    o Since App Version 2.11.0
  2. Super Chart in Device Tile show me that it is waiting for Data
    o If I use super chart with same settings outside of Tile it works
    o Since App Version 2.13.0
  3. Tile Color under Tile design
    o If I use drops with multicolor in super chart the chart changes the color depending on the value of the Virtual Pin (Data)
    o My thought was, if I use multicolor drop for Tile Color that the color of the tile changes according to the Virtual Pin (Data) which I selected for Tile Data Input; but it did not
    o Since App Version 2.11.0
  4. Naming DataStream of Super Chart Keyboard appears but no Cursor
    o It doesn’t matter where Super Chart is located
    o Since App Version 2.11.0

If you need more information I will provide to you.

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Thanks for the detailed report.

I think this just wasn’t implemented yet on server. @Dmitriy please comment here.

Confirmed. Fixed in upcoming update.

Works here. Maybe you need to tune you min/max values in Template settings?

Yeah, some system glitch. We’ll take a look.

Works for me. Please provide more details (environment, steps, etc.)

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sorry i tried several times but it doesn’t send. remember that i’m on shared ios app.

Right, exporting data and clearing data should not be available in shared projects. We’ll remove those buttons.

:sweat_smile:Is it possible do not that?

Correct. This is not implemented. Created ticket -

Thanks @Eugene & @Dmitriy for your quick and helpful reply

Oh yes, my fault, sorry. Works fine, thanks for the hint.

** UPDATE **

The 2.13.2 update is now available in the App Store.

  • SuperChart: fixed bug with loading data inside Tiles widget
  • SuperChart: now all Y axes labels shown on the left side

@Eugene uh! God i have some problem with notification on second ios App.
Today when i loged in to another ios shared APP and and i seem that notification pushed on first ios app but not pushed in second ios app so i try to log out and log in again but it doesn’t fix yet.!!!