NEW features on master branch (v0.2.5-beta)

Hi all,

In the master branch I have implemented 4 features:

  1. Now you can call Blynk.connect() and Blynk.disconnect() to control connection to the server.
  2. Instead of calling Blynk.begin(…) you can call Blynk.config(auth) or Blynk.config(auth, server, port)
    This won’t try to setup WiFi, Ethernet,… just token and server.
    If you use WiFi, there is also Blynk.connectWiFi(ssid, pass) for ease of use.
  3. Blynk.begin(…) and Blynk.connectWiFi(ssid, pass) will try to connect
    to Unsecured WiFi network if pass is empty ("")
  4. If your shield/connection type is not supported yet - you can craft it easily! Here is an example.

Given all of these, you can now manage all aspects of connection yourself!
For example, you can configure WiFi or Ethernet manually,
and then just Blynk.config() … omit calling connectWiFi() or begin().

You can even create low power devices!

What do you think? Please try it and give your feedback here! :slight_smile:



looks great giving more flexibility.

Is there a way I can configure Blynk on ESP8266 so I can have a list of possible WiFi hotspots, and the first one on the list to be available will be used to connect?

The reason is that I’m building a movable unit, and it needs to connect to eg home, office or mobile wifi whichever is available without human intervention.


Yes, these features are designed exactly for such purposes!

@vshymanskyy Thank you for such a usefull feature!
One question - how can I check the status of Wi-Fi connection befor start to trying connect to Blynk server?
For example I’d like to be shure that Wi-Fi connection on ESP8266 (as shield) is OK and only after that go to connect to Blynk. If the ESP didn’t connect to Wi-Fi after 30 sec sketch should stop to try connecting and show error.