New ESP8266 Arduino core ver. 2.6.2 online

Give it a try ! :wink:

This was posted in another topic. But I repeat here in correct one, FYI.

The transition from core 2.6.2 is very smooth. No issue so far, even small.

It’s advisable to update to core 2.6.1 / 2.6.2 as flash code size is around 2KB smaller, more stable and resilient to weak WiFi environment thanks to core SDK22x_190703

FW: use NONOS-SDK branch 2.2.x from 2019-10-24 by default

esp8266:master ← d-a-v:defaultfw101024

opened Nov 7, 2019

d-a-v d-a-v

+32 -17


After a massive update of all my devices to core 2.6.1 and several days of testings, I found the following related to SDKs:

Uses 2k flash less than SDK22x_191105
No wifi/mqtt disconnections on devices with RSSI >35 (the same as core 2.3.0)

SDK22x_191024 and SDK22x_191105
Uses 2k flash more than SDK22x_190703
No wifi/mqtt disconnections on RSSI >55
On RSSI=(35-55) it performs really bad

I tested taking out as many interfering factors as possible. Tested and replicated with different wifi routers (MikroTik, TP-Link and Linksys), with different weather conditions (dry, wet, wind, hot, cold, nice), different ESP8266 boards (itead sonoff basic, sonoff pow R2, sonoff dual, NodeMCU -with proper power source-, MagicHome, Esp01, between others), correct tool-chain and same firmware file (Tasmota) in all devices (to rule out compilation issues - old toolchain produces wifi issues on SDK22x_191105)

So, as a result, Core 2.6.1 SDK22x_190703 performs better than any other core/SDK and should be the default.

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