New "combo" widget proposal

First of all, thank You all developers of Blynk. It is the tool I’ve been searching for sooo long. Easy, fast and so on…
One “feature” I am missing is a kind of “combo” widget: A dual-pin widget, with a push button and a small “LED” combined in (for example) upper-left corner. I’ve created a small “preview” of my proposal.


Yes, and possibly with multi-color LED! So you can indicate good or bad state :slight_smile:

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Nice one! Could you provide a couple of use-cases or examples of how you would use that?

With a sensor to indicate water quality. I can see some uses there. Also for humidity in my greenhouse. I think I can think of some others. The LED could indicate that my Homo Domotics is set to “Auto” or “Manual”. My lego trains are connected and running or stopping… lots of stuff :smiley:

Sensor is sensor, button is button :slight_smile: I try to dig in and find how to use this widget. How different is it from the button? Is it an output or input?

Still don’t fully understand the usage.

Our buttons can have feedback now. If smth turns off - button in interface can be turned off as well.

Yes, but this is different from the button state. A button state can result in different outputs. On or Off doesn’t always mean the action is On/Off. The result can be that something goes bad or wrong, whatever the current state of the button is.

But then it’s an led…
What i mean is that conceptually in Blynk we try to separate input and output.

However, rgb led widget would be great to save space and show various states within one widget

Ok, now my example :smile: (the one, which lead me here):
I’ve made a simple switch on/off control (in my example it is charger, but you can thing of whatever device needs switching on/off). You can switch the device ON/OFF remotely, BUT it also has a kind of built-in “fuse” (in code), which disables device when a certain threshold is reached. First I tried to use SWITCH BUTTON to toggle certain hardware digital pin, but as it does not have feedback (to APP), it easily were loosing synchro with hardware. So my idea was to use a PUSH BUTTON “connected” to virtual pin and a LED connected to another virtual pin whoose state depends on state of hardware pin. Now I have a push button, and a small LED next to it. As both are strictly connected each other, I though it would be nice to have them together within one “box” instead of having a “flying” LED (it’s size doesn’t fit to button) next to button.
Well, that would be MY example, hope You find it convincing :smiley:

EDIT: As for the RGB LED: A great idea! it could easily replace for example a gauge in certain situations requiring only few controlled states (a simple Green-Yellow-Red is a first though)

Have you looked at the syncing we provide? If you use a virtual pin and then wrap the digital pin functionality inside it, then you’ll be able to “unpress” the button

Nope… Not yet, but will try that (suppose that Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, HIGH) in the right place should do that?)
Thank You!!
Still it woud be nice to see the pushbutton with LED inside Blynk (or perhaps a larger, better suited to pushbutton another LED widget?), but for now syncing should do the job.

Love the multicolor LED status idea. That has obvious value!!!
Should be easy to implement something like that yes?

@Smashim Yes and no ) It will involve library update and app update. More than one side involved - means more effort. But we will do that

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Similarly, as indicated by marvin7: the “combo” widget makes also much sense when you have a device with software (app) and hardware push-bottons in order to switch something on and off. the combo widget could indicated the actual status, e.g. if the device had been switched to another state by a hardware button, or even by the app on a different phone using the same shared app/dashboard.

What does that mean exactly? can I set the button / switch state in the app from the hardware side? How do I do that, is there an example code somewhere?

I agreed with @marvin7 , can be a good idea a led integrated on swithc button.
Can be useful to have a “virtual feedback” from a virtual pushbutton widget, in some case pushing the button we lauch some processo on the hardware that cannot be directly linked to any PIN, but can be represented by a virtual LED.
So why waste the space for another LED widget when it’s possibile to incorporate in the button?