New Blynk vs Legacy Blynk

Hi All

I have various ‘devices’ with sensors running on my property. Som using Ethernet, some using ESP32. All these devices have sensors that monitors something (Various temperatures, water tank levels, fish pond temperatures, irrigation status etc)

Using Legacy blynk I culd display all these values on a single screen by issuing an authid for every device. In the new blynk this seems not possible, as only one authid is issued. Can I share this authid between all my devices, this was not possible in legacy blynk.

Each device has its own Auth token, both in Legacy and IoT.
The difference with IoT is that you can’t display data from multiple devices on the same dashboard at the moment.

You should never have devices sharing the same Auth token.

One option is to use the HTTP(S) API to push data from the various devices over to a single ‘master’ device and display the amalgamated data on that device’s dashboard.

Another solution is to switch to MQTT and Node-Red and have a single Blynk device in Node-Red which is used to display the amalgamated data.


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