New Blynk Library v0.5.1 is Released (important for local server owners)

sorry my muck up :wink:

As you can tell I’m getting confused between httpAPI and the direct comms from hardware sketch to local server.

So the blynk.config default port is now 80 ? (] 8442 will be dropped soon as you noted). Would i need to place 8080 in Blynk.config as per below or would the #define BLYNK_DEFAULT_PORT 8080 suffice ?

Blynk.config(auth_local_server, local_server, 8080);

You may not. It is up to you. You may not update the server and apps and you are fine.

Because new hardware port is 8080 and not 8442

I don’t know. You have to decide for yourself.

Should be fine.

Hi guys,

Port 80 isn’t going to work for me on my local server as it doubles as a web server.

Do I just need to do the following for the clients?

Blynk.config(auth_local_server, local_server, 8080);

Or will I have to also update the sever to:

#hardware plain tcp/ip port

Scratch that, I see that the server is already listening for hardware on 8080

#http, plain web sockets and plain hardware port
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@ThatGuy_ZA please read initial announcement again.

Gotcha, sorry, I was thrown off by this

actually what is this? any info / docs?

Allows the MIN / MAX setting to be changed from the sketch via Blynk.setProperty(vPin, “property”, value)

Although the Docs are not real clear on proper syntax :thinking:


before asking, i tried ctrl+f setMin on the blynk docs page, but it found nothing, this is why i asked…

Not critiquing :wink: … I also couldn’t find it via searching. I just kept looking in the area I thought most relevant. For all I know, the docs haven’t been updated yet with this “new” command :stuck_out_tongue:

no stress :wink:

I think the documentation in general could use some touching up… needs to be technical in detail, but still understandable for the non-technical (use lots of crayons)… Hey @Pavel I can work for peanuts… as long as those peanuts are branded “Wemos” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: contains all the docs.
We’ll be really glad for some PRs for improvements!

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Nice… I have never messed with GitHub forking before… already submitted a small change request :wink:

DM me the total number of :peanuts: you need :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure we can make it work!


Quick question. If I wanted my local server to listed on both 8080 and 80 would would I need to edit within file ?

#hardware plain tcp/ip port

#http port MY note default is 8080]

You can’t. You need to choose. Either 80 or 8080. hardware.default.port will be dropped in future.


I’ve just upgrading to v0.5.1 and currently working after adding port: 8080 to my sketch

Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass, blynk_server,8080);

But now my terminal showing following text upon restart:

1384, room 16
tail 8
chksum sys⸮⸮⸮⸮param error, use last saved param!

fortunately the system is working fine, should I worried about this?


@noersaleh please post your sketch. @vshymanskyy Do you know what that may be?

Is that from an ESP module? If so, it may be mem related. Google it…