New Blynk Edgent for Particle

I cannot find a forum specific to the new version of blynk so am posting here?

I am trying the new blynk.360 which was demonstrated yesterday but having very little luck. I am using a Particle Photon as the device but after all the provisioning and setting up the Template with the Datastreams, I then try to program the micro but it is hanging on ‘’‘blynk.begin(auth);’’’

Is this because the new blynk library is not available for that platform yet?

@pahowells It’s gong to get very complicated if people start posting stuff about the beta testing of Blynk 2.0 / Edgent in this forum.

I had hoped that a new closed section of the forum would be created, and as new people were added to the beta testing group the they’d be added to the closed group too. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened and I don’t have the admin rights to create new closed groups. In addition, I don’t have any information about the other people in the beta testing programme and what their forum user names are.

For that reason I’m going to close this topic.

I’d suggest that you raise the question as an issue on the GitHub beta page, as that’s the most appropriate place for it at present.
You should have had a link to that page in your beta testing welcome email


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