New Android Release 2.9.0

What’s new :

  1. New Timer within Eventor widget. Now you can assign multiple timers on same pin, select days, send any value and not only numbers;

  2. Frequency fields changes;

  3. Design of fields changed a bit;

  4. Crash fixes;


Will this work for reading any value as well? For example, I have a Display Widget that receives a fixed string value (in my case HEX) and I would like to trigger a response if the string matches specific text (i.e. FFFFFF)… however when I chose “is equal to” I only get a number pad.

This is only regarding timer event. You may send some int here instead of string.

Alas, I thought I found a way to eliminate some code. Thanks for clarifying.

Looking forward to a Telepathic Widget that will do what I think it should :stuck_out_tongue:

This one really simplifies timer operations, THANKS! But one question @Dmitriy: Assuming hypothetical situation, when “Blynked” device goes offline for some reason just before preset activation/deactivation time, will the server try as long as it receives the “OK, i got it!” from device, or will it just miss the command in the basis of “Hey, you are not there, that’s your problem”

Second option. However you can take latest value with Sync command.

Good hint. So are you saying, that for example “timed” virtual pin (be it V1) will be changed (at server’s side) due to eventor command regardless of hardware being connected at the time of command issues? Then it will update and be synced with hardware with sync command?