New Android Release 2.24.0

What’s new:

  • DeviceSelector / Menu: new text size and color options, new look and optional title
  • Value Display / Labeled Value: optional title
  • Slider: hide/show current value
  • SuperChart: new decimals option for Datastreams
  • Correct failure notice in case of issues with facebook login

Hey, who stole my fractions from SuperChart again! :thinking:

I want to report non-optimal behavior of super chart:
Using public server, esp12, blynk lib example sketch.
One button digital output D1
Superchart with datastream boolean value of D1

  1. superchart live doesn’t update, if there is no action with D1 - it is not “live”
    Workaround: adding value display widget for the same pin

  2. please add superchart datastream option: device online.

You can now configure them for each stream and select a correct format:

SuperChart: new decimals option for Datastreams

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Yes, I’ve found them! :smiley: Very nice solution,thank You!

I believe this was always a requirement as the SuperChart was meant to chart other existing vPin actions, not replace them.

I haven’t checked it, but logically thinking (?) it shouldn’t need other widget with the same pin, but only for VirtualPins, and ONLY if the device is pushing the data with virtualWrite In other words it will not work for physical pins, as they are read by the app (data is pulled) and SuperChart cannot pull data
To clarify this: If device uses VPins AND is pushing data to server with virtualWrite it will work.
If device uses only physical pins (as in @marissv project) IT WILL NOT WORK without other widget, which will “pull” data from device…
And if the device uses VPins but NOT pushing any data, and there is no widget to pull it, it will not work either
Correct me if my thinking is wrong…

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Yep, Super Chart is not requesting/pulling values, for Live option to work correctly - data should be sent to it’s pin.

I’ve noticed, that the vertical level widget do not have ANY label visible, despite being set in properties. I do not remember if it was there and disappeared at some point or it wasn’t there for some reason (Only tried this widget once, after introduction).
I know the space is very limited in vertical mode, but it would be great if at least 4-5 characters were visible below (or above) the bar.

Vertical Level and Slider have no enough space to label, that’s why it is hidden from their first introduce. But yep, that’s strange that we have a setting for that label in the settings, and have this setting for LED widget with same width.

@Pavel maybe we could introduce a title somewhere in this vertical widgets? And also make LED title optional?


The new styled buttons were disappearing from the android app so I had to update my Raspberry Pi local Blynk server to the latest version (also updated the client) and that seemed to fix it. The only headache I got from upgrading was that my client would not log in to my server until I changed the port to 8080. Use to be 9443 but I’m not sure why it changed.
Did I do something wrong?

To be clear… particularly for Local Server… these port changes were announced a few months ago and touched upon many times since :wink:

Reasons? Something to do with less blocking by ISPs or whatever…

So again for all who read these…

The Client (hardware) switched from 8442 to 8080

Blynk.begin(auth, wifi, ssid, pass, "", 8080);

The App switched from 8443 to 9443


Of course, you use the IP of your Local Server… not mine :smiley:

And the key point… Blynk is in constant development, so always read the Announcement Topics and try to keep ALL aspects of Blynk (App, Library & Local Server, if used) up to date on a regular basis… they all tie together.


Thank you for clearing that up Gunner. I’m glad it was nothing I did. In the future, to avoid headaches I’ll try to keep up with the changes specially for new updates.

You are not the only one. Don’t tell anyone else :wink: … but I always forget to check for new server updates before reporting some silly little issue.

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Yep… that is about right :stuck_out_tongue: I love LEGO and soooo need one of these running on my desk to motivate my daily forum routines :rescue_worker_helmet:

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But it’s not “blynkyfied” yet! Will you be able to do it? :rofl: