New Android Release 2.0.4

What’s new :

  1. Device Online Status view (you need latest local server for this feature); Some technical info about connection status.
  2. Few BLE fixes;
  3. Small UI enhancements for history graph;
  4. Video Streaming Widget label fix in running mode;
  5. Time Input reset doesn’t work fix;
  6. Few crash fixes for camera;

Keep em coming!

good one and useful! But… couldn’t it be a bit smaller? I thought about it as a “notification” widget, and it tries to play a “master role” on the screen :wink:
Ah, never mind… They can be on its own screen anyway. After all there are free tabs! :smiley:

Later we’ll add numbers near icon like 1/3. Where 1 - means connected, 3 - total num. of devices. When we finish iOS.

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Seems qr code scanning still not working on s7 Edge

Have you tried to enable/disable autofocus on your device while scanning QR?

yes. nothing changed. but i saw differance between normal camera images and blynk camera images. it seems blynk camera images a little bit rectangular.

Could you make screenshots and attach them here or send to my email ( ?

One of my device reported offine despite its working fine using Blynk cloud server…

@noersaleh Does reopening status view changes status?

@Dmitriy, no… even when I’m loging out and login again… I’m using blinking system and virtual LED to show that my internet connection on my device is working fine. Fortuntely now is working fine after I reset the hardware… :grinning:

My Photon is also reported as offline but everything is online and works. :slight_smile:

online status shows false status with Arduino Pro Mini. It is swiched off, but Blynk app shows it online.

Update: same result (show online, but switched off) in case of restart app or log out and log in again

Yeap. This is 1 case that we missed. When hardware disconnects and than quickly connects back. While prev. connection is closed only within next 15 secs. We will fix it in next update.

It is not yet realtime. Will be improved in next versions.

Here is two images

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