New Android Release 1.14.2

Yeah, I know… One more update… Again :wink:.

  • Now you can remove widgets with drag;

  • Now you can move widgets between tabs (just put widget on required label of tab widget);

  • Eventor UI changed a bit;

  • Time Input fixes;


@Costas @psoro

Guys please check this build for your issues with time input values crop

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@Dmitriy and @BlynkAndroidDev is 1.14.2 definitely in the Play Sore as I am still seeing 1.14.1?

Seeing 1.14.2 now.

Maybe not yet updated. Google play is not so fast as we are :slight_smile:

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I can confirm the Time Input text is fine now, even with the scheduled days shown, thanks.


I assume we will see iOS as well ?

Perfect now!! Thanks

No, because Apple Store needs a much longer time to check Apps, Android is not as thorough.

totally agree. I guess what I was eluding to is when has an IOS app update been submitted to Apple for Approval - so it gives us all an idea that the process has begun.