New Android Release 1.14.0

As promised, this release has new widget.

  • Eventor widget added;

  • Set Property feature added;

  • Notifications limit decreased from 60 seconds to 15 seconds;

  • Cleanup, bug fixes, refactorings;

Eventor for now is very basic, however as usual we are ready for changes and waiting for your feedback!


How does set prop work?
Do these run on the server? So even if app is offline they still run?
Any way of setting an event on server or app startup so we can set a default state?

Great to see this coming along :slight_smile:

Yes. Both eventor and set prop don’t require app to be running.

Could you please give me use case so I could understand better your question?

nice feature.after each update Blynk becoming more powerful.

Nice improvement! Any idea when it will come to iOS?

unfortunately i didn’t work for me, it didn’t save after choosing the pin and the condition value!.
i will attach video later tomorrow

Did you pressed “OK” in top-right corner?

SetProperty will be released in a week. Eventor - no estimations yet.

@scropion86 @Dmitriy the same for me when i press OK !!! But when pressing " Done" on the numpad it continue the config normally and save it.

I’m using Android 4.4 Kitkat .

Press done button instead of ok after filling the values.
If ok button is pressed then it goes back .
I think it’s bugg

Yes i already did that :slight_smile:

Guys, after entering the condition’s value - you need also to select action and fill it. After completed rule creation - you will see green notice about it, and then OK button will save your rule.

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Eventor looks awesome… cant wait for it to come out on iOS…
@Dmitriy , The link for Set Prop in the OP is broken? Just links to the top of the document page.

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@Jamin you’re right. Thanks. Fixed.

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Two widget properties are supported - color and label.

Any chance you could add a default and timeout property? After timeout, revert to default value?
LED widget default would be OFF and I guess value widget would be 0

@Jamin but you can do it right now from hardware side. You can set any value on hardware start and and timer on property changing after required interval.

@Dmitriy @BlynkAndroidDev Dears i have tested Eventor on an old project and it seems it didn’t work :cry: i’m switching a lamp on (V2) and i want to create an event as i get a notification when lamp is turned on … but i get nothing :frowning:

Here’s my steps to create the event :

@JohnNassiem this is how we did it. Eventor processes events only from hardware side.

But I think your suggestion is fine. We need also to handle events from application side or maybe not :slight_smile:. I just don’t see any real use cases for it. Do you?

I’m using Blynk server.