New Android Release 1.12.0

I can`t find the ble modules in the app. I am sure I am doing something wrong. Am I the only one having this problem?

Are you sure that your phone supports BLE? We don’t support legacy bluetooth.

My phone has Bluetooth v4.0, A2DP, LE according to GSM Arena. I have the Motorola Moto g 2nd phone.

In settings (select your hardware) I cant find hm-10 module but I found redbearlab cc3200 which is also bt.

Hey there! Exciting news! Any luck for support on edison?

No. Edison is on the roadmap, but in the long term plans.

HM-10 is just a module, not a base board. Same as WiFi Shield, for example - there is no such option in the list.

@vshymanskyy asked to continue the discussion from this thread in here, and so my question gets posted in this thread.

Before the BETA release of BLE @Dmitriy said, that one of the first boards to be compatible with blynk via BLE will be Lightblue Bean. I checked for this in your github and didn’t find that. Am I missing something or is it true, that Bean’s are not supported yet? Will these boards be supported in near future?

I need this info to make some strategic decision regarding a project I’m currently working on, thanks.

That’s correct. Lightblue not supported yet. We were expecting that it would be working same way as regular BLE, but it is not. So we still have to make it work. But yes, Lightblue Bean support will be added to the app. However I have no estimations. @Pavel maybe you know when?

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I there any update on support for PunchThroughs Bean/Bean+ ?

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