New Android Release 1.12.0

Hi all. What’s new :

  • Bluetooth Smart (4.0 LE) support [BETA]
    • Arduino 101
    • RedBearLab Blend Micro
    • RF8001 (Adafruit Bluefruit LE, etc)
    • HM-10/HC-08 BLE modules

Dear all, have in mind this is BETA release something may not work. We waiting for your feedback. Docs will be provided soon.

With BLE widget some features are turned off - History Graph, Mail, Twit, Push, Bridge.

You need to use the latest library release
BLE example sketches are here.


Great job! What about iOS version?

Under Apple review at the moment.

Awesome, now I need to buy a BLE module and start fiddling…
Nice work.

Will this ever change?

History graph I understand because BLE doesn’t use the server - local storage on phone maybe?

Push would be possible while connected though, and bridge with other BLE modules should also be possible.

Some day - yes. But at the moment we will be focused on other things.

Bloody hell?

V1.12.1 defaults to triple decimal places for value display?

Not sure how I feel about this… Not sure…

Nah, don’t like it… Too many zero’s on my screen…

Can we go back to one decimal place via software? Or in the widget settings?

Please show screenshot

Here’s one with FOUR decimal places!

So can I fix this in my code?

It is ugly.

Blynk is supposed to be beautiful :slight_smile:

I am using Adafruit Motor Shield V2 and need to use sliders and switches on Mobile device to control 4 motors.
I need to set the variables for speed and direction of each.
I can make this work with hardwired switches and POTs

I need to create 4 sliders that set a variable from 0-255 to control speed of DC motor. 4 switches that control direction. 1 switch that controls train/trolly mode of the 4th train. and 1 switch that controls a delay if in trolley mode of 30 or 60 seconds.

My current arduino code works with everything described hardwired. I’m hoping to use this new add-on to mobilize this and recreate everything in a mobile interface. Not sure where to start.

The site linked to is just a framework not a completed site. I just threw this up so I could share the code via link instead of loading page down here.

Link to my current code that works hardwired

Not sure of how to use Blynk to set the variables from the sliders and switches. Do I use the Virtual pins somehow? Blink is confusing me. This is my first Blynk app.

It depends. You may start from

If I’m reading it right,

I would setup a slider to use a virtual pin, V0 then if sent when released, it would send a variable V0 = value to the Arduino. From there I would use that variable as an active variable in the app. So if V0 = 255, I would use V0 to set the speed in my arduino code?

Am I off base ?

Again - it depends. You could do in that way, you may directly connect slider to analog/pwm pins with no coding at all.

I’m using a motor shield and hardwired switches and sliders so I need detect if Blynk is connected and set a variable to control the logic. If I try to just set pin values, would it not conflict with my hardwired settings and revert to hardwired? or would you recommend putting in some sort of hardware switch to disconnect all hardwired switches and sliders when using blynk and just set and read values as if Blynk is a hardwired solution.

The slider object seems to only offer digital and Virtual, not analog unless I’m using the wrong widget.

I appreciate your advise. I really don’t want to make it harder than it is and go down a rabbit hole. Thanks again

You could use the labelled value display in the format /pin.#/°C to show temperature in Celsius to one decimal place but even the medium sized labelled value display is much bigger than a small value display.

You can create a string for a value to one decimal place and display this in a small value display but I don’t think you can graph this data so you would have to duplicate the string as an int / float to another virtual pin.

Would be nice to have a small labelled value display widget.

But the sensor outputs to one decimal place, so it used to display to one decimal place.

Now with this new 1.12.1 update it adds a bucket full of boring meaningless zeros everywhere…

@Dave1829 please calm down :wink:. We will fix that.

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Phew, i thought your silence meant it was a non-issue :sunglasses: :ok_hand: