New Android release 1.10.4

Dear all we just published new Android Update 1.10.4. What’s new:

  • New widget Menu - select from predefied list of choices;
  • New widget Labeled Display - no need anymore to send strings like “26.7 °C”;
  • RTC widget now has timezone - no need to adjust time according to your timezone on hardware. Just select it on UI;
  • Buttons now have custom on/off labels;
  • Slider and RGB now have “send on release” property. It allows to minimize load on your hardware and avoid unnecessary restart.
  • Fixed bug for history graph with wrong Y axis labels.

Tabs widget is next.


@scargill @Dave1829 @modicon1 @Costas

P. S. Don’t forget to update your local server to 0.15.2


Hi there

Not tested features yet but something has gone wrong… for the first time ever, the imagery is not fitting my phone - the small value units - the text is slightly dropping off the bottom of the rectangle… This has never happened before - and I’ve just upgraded the APP and the local server - I’m assuming it has nothing to do with the server software but just the APP.

Hopefully you can see here - all the value blocks are messed up…

The phone incidentally is a pretty standard HTC ONE M8.

Thanks for reporting. We will try fix it ASAP, hopefully today.

I’m pretty sure the actual blocks are ok - you just need to move the main text up a tad in the value blocks - if you look at “2” in the upper blocks - exactly the same amount is missing off the botttom ones.

Look like it has to do something with specific screen size. As on my HTC Sensation everything is fine. Anyway we are working on fix.

By the look of it, moving the big text up a few pixels would do the job. But… I note on my NEXUS 7 that the BUTTON text appears directly in the middle of the rectangle regardless of screen size so that although the text looks too small on a tablet, it doesn’t look out of place - as it is centred… why don’t you just do the same thing with the value rectangles and the problem would go away AND they’d look better on a tablet - as they look odd now stuck up in the left corner…

Samsung S3 screenshot and the same scrunched up text as @scargill

Some of the new features will be very useful, like the menu selection.

They work great on our devices, the main moment is that on value display there is a autofit support for text, so it should be less when there are less space. So it’s really a question why it works such way as on your device. Could you also add the version of Android on your device?

@Costas @scargill we have reproduced this issue on android 4.4.x, your device has this version of android?

My HTC One M8 has Android 6.0

Yes 4.4.4 @BlynkAndroidDev

@Costas @scargill seem’s we have fixed it. you could you check the build by the link below while we are testing it and preparing to release in google play

I’m off out to but an android phone just for Blynk use as I’m fed up with Apple making us wait for updates!!
Keep up the good work thanks.


Cant seem to ooen… downloads but gripes when i open it on the phone

i’ve reuploaded it, could you check again?

@scargill Removing old one also helps.

Ok got the file, installed, works, magic. Thank you.

Looks excellent now, thanks for the fix @BlynkAndroidDev

Great, it should also change font’s height (but with some limitations) if you will enter some large text, it could be best checked with labeled value widget, where you could even write some text into the format field and it would be shown on the widget