NeoMatrix On ESP32

I am working on Neomatrix on esp32. I have successfully can control the brightness and color using few widget from Blynk. I am trying to display text onto neomatrix by using widget terminal. Any someone please help me, thank you.

Welcome to the Blynk Forum.

First need to understand that we are here to help you learn how to use Blynk, learn the commands, required flow of non- blocking timers etc… we do NOT build, troubleshoot or teach programming.

Before we can generally even start with that, you will have to show us what you have already tried on your own, so we can assist with whatever Blynk command or function is giving you trouble, otherwise all we can do is throw suggestions at you :wink:

Such as… first get the NeoMatrix fully functioning WITHOUT blynk. Then once you know how it works, you can start learning some basics about how Blynk works, such as learning how the terminal Widget can take and process your text input, then slowly you learn to combine both of those programs into one.

I recommend you start with the basics and read through the Documentation, Help Center and Sketch Builder… all these links are at the upper right of this page… scroll up until you see them.