Need to understand Authorization in Blynk

I need to fully understand authorization in a Blynk project.

I have a project running successfully involving an ESP8266 and the corresponding Blynk control on an iPad. There were a lot of issues involved at one stage including changing the hardware from an ESP8266-12E to a full development board with an ESP8266-12E but the s/w remained essentially the same as well as the Blynk project. Somehow I needed to get a new authorization code before it all worked again.

I am still getting familiar with Blynk and it seems a very useful system but somethings such as the authorization are still a bit hazy with me. Perhaps someone can help here?

Hello. Sorry, but what exactly you need to understand and what exactly help do you need?

I basically wanted to know that when you get an authorization code for a project is it fixed or can it change after a certain period? I had to change my original authorization for a project but I may have done something wrong (a newbie fingers problem). Just thinking about it, a change just wouldn’t occur for a project as it would make an existing working system inoperable. Sorry, being new to Blynk, I made a mistake.

It is fixed. Only you can change it.

Correct. Maybe some day we will have OTA to improve that.