Need to collect Data from a LCD driver

I have a 2X 16 LCD Display fitted in my truck, it gives basically two Data, load in tons and speed,with the 4 selector switches to select the data streams and some other functions, I am able to get the pics of the display driver and the 6 pin connector connected to it from the machine.
I want to get the load data from the machine so that I can send it to my Blynk dashboard using ESP32
How can I get the data from the pins connected to the LCD driver, can I use any kind help in identifying the LCD driver board and the port!
It will be great help for me. Thank You.

A bit of googling shows that this is made by a company called Epoch Instruments…

The brochure states that there is an RS232c output to send stored data to a PC…

Presumably this is to allow owners to see what their drivers have been up to, but I don’t know if there is any facility to output the live data to that interface (which presumably is on the sensor IO module, not the cab section).

Some of their other products have manuals available on the website, but this one doesn’t. Maybe start by asking the manufacturer for a manual and as much technical detail as possible?