Need Howto to configure and start Blynk on Raspberry Pi with Edimax 7811 Wifi

I have an application running fine over wired ethernet to the blynk cloud server (not blynk local server), but I am unable to find an example of how to get it working over the Edimax 7811 wifi dongle. The dongle itself seems to work fine for everything else. I’m using a Raspberry Pi 2 B with Jessie, onoff, and a couple of 12C libraries. What are the magic words to configure wifi in the Javascript blynk library? Why are magic words necessary when it is already configured and working with Jessie? I have also opened ports thru my router (8441-8443) but no luck (ATT Uverse).

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Hm… Interesting. @vshymanskyy could please help?


 I'm running the edimax wifi on two of my Raspberry Pi B+ with Jessi lite using the blynk cloud server and everything is working fine. I posted 3 topics under Projects made with Blynk using this setup.


Thanks, Sonny, I’ll take a look.


Sonny, I’m not seeing a specific example of using the Edimax wifi with Blynk, unless there is nothing to it, and it should just work if it is set up in Jessie. If you have a specific example, can you point me to it? (Where you are using a blynk connect command in javascript on a pi to connect to wifi).


Edimax or any other module should work, as soon as whole OS on the raspberry has internet access.
There’s nothing specific to configure, gust check if internet is there, and try some basic example.
There’s also a troubleshooting guide… Introduction - Blynk Documentation

Thanks for the note, Volodymyr. Well, at least that tells me that what I did should be working, although I’m clueless as to why Blynk would be only thing that doesn’t work over wifi. Maybe the debug mode will tell me something, or maybe a log file somewhere. Back to smashing my head against the wall.

Please go over the connection troubleshooting guide (in the docs!) and tell us exactly what doesn’t work.
Thank you!