Need help with YOUR project?

please move if this is a bad category, I wasn’t sure

Well… it has been awhile since I have had time to play with Blynk but I am back…

TLDR: I am looking for project(s) to help develop that incorporate Blynk (…not just debugging your code)

After a long break from developing in the IoT space (don’t worry I still enjoy my running projects) I am looking to get back into it. Currently my job is high level software with hardware abstracted to the ~cloouuudddd~

Quick resume: I graduated this year with a degree in Computer Engineering and my experience includes but is not limited to:

  • PCB design, testing, etc. (and populating but currently don’t have proper surface mount tooling…) (custom ESP32 board anyone?)
  • UI/UX development
  • IoT applications
  • API development
  • Data visualization and real time processing
  • ‘Big Data’ tools (Kafka, Scala, etc)
  • 3D CAD modeling (including design for 3D printing)
  • 2D design work (graphic design, design for laser cutting, etc)
    …and I’m sure plenty of other areas but that should be enough for now

I’m eager to learn new (to me) tools and technologies (…been interested in using MQTT lately…)

Do you have an idea for a project?

Do you have a project in progress you need help on?

If so let me know! I would prefer something that I can sink my teeth into and/or hasn’t been done before but am open to anything thats been done, improving something that has been done, or making something stupidly over engineered for fun! Can be very much a proof of concept or something more formal.

p.s could be cool to have a category where people can request help from certain skillsets or vice versa…

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@bmoe24x can you clarify if you’re offering your time and energy for free, or if this post is advertising for a way for you to make money by selling your services?


For free! I enjoy solving problems and coming up with cool solutions. The day job pays the bills :wink: