Need Help with the Table Widget

I guess the main question is:

Can we pull the data in the table into our sketch?

Obviously the sketch created the data in the table originally but is it possible to retrieve it one hour, one day or one week later (assuming we are sticking within the 100 rows throughout the duration).

At the moment we are rolling over the rowIndex when it gets to 99 back to 0 and ideally what we would like to do is have a for loop to grab the data say from rowIndex 0 to 30 or even 0 to 99 if 100 rows exist.

We have a few other questions related to the Table widget but they become largely irrelevant if the answer to our initial question is no, so we will hold the additional question for now.

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@Gunner not a big fan of EEPROM and too much data for a virtual pin. I need to rethink this.

SD card interface?

No thanks, not more hardware.

Server stored data base is my next idea… but I honestly know nothing about them, so not even sure if applicable.

Actually we are using an external API for off site data storage so maybe that will be enough but it doesn’t quite have the flexibility of what pulling data from the table would have.

In general, this is simple task. But we are focused on web dashboard right now. I’ll create the ticket. Maybe someday :slight_smile:.

Hi @Dmitriy,

Do you have an approximate ETA for the eagerly awaited web dashboard?

@Costas no. In general alpha Web is ready. But now we have to think about how it could be integrated into existing Blynk App. This is not the trivial task. Maybe we’ll have to release separate product to avoid complex integration.