Need help with Table on app , behaving weirdly

I’ve encountered a problem with tables/table widget , I’ll get right to the point:
Most of the time when I try to add rows to my table , it adds multiple rows with the same variables , I checked my code and made sure it entered the fuction to update the table only once. I’ve even copy and pasted the example table code and it behaves in the same way. Even adding just one row , in the app it shows from 2 to 6 rows with the same values.

One thing I noticed is that after it added multiple rows , if I minimize the app and then reopen it , the rows shrink to the right number.

Forgive my ignorance and thank you for any reply/help , good day

Hello. ios/android? Latest version? Try to remove and add widget again. Does that help?

Sorry I didn’t specify: Android latest version.

I tried removing and re-adding , didn’t help. Been stuck on my project since yesterday trying to undestand how to solve it.
Thank you for your time