Need help with soil moisture sensor

idk before blynk i was using this site called remote_xy which told it is an hardware serial., and now the rest of the code I wrote was majorly from blynk examples. I just dont know why my esp8266 is not connecting evrytime I plug my uno to a power supply. Most time i have to start serial monitor to make my esp8266 start.
but that was not the case when I used to use remotexy.
I think its bcz of the baud rate as gunner told. So please suggest me whaat should I put the baud rate?

I found your code somewhere in other forum for same issue and it worked. Thanks for it.
But what should I put my esp baud now?

ps. all my data which I want is getting displayed on my blynk app just esp module not working as expected.

No idea… UNO > ESP serial links are notoriously hard to get working.

Save yourself headache and order an ESP from china.

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If you look on Sketch Builder for Uno with ESP you will see various comments regarding hardware and software serial. You don’t have the correct hardware for hardware serial so need to mod the sketch as per the comments.

9600 baud is required in the sketch AND in the ESP (as per the AT command in the doc link that has now been provided twice).

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