Need help with raspberry pi 3b

Hi i need a help.
I need to add 2 servo motor, 2 lights button and a button that can view the raspberry camera. Really need help thanks

What you don’t tell us is what programming language you’re planning on using.

If you’re using NodeJS then you should probably start here:

And for RPi Cam stuff start here:

You’re in the minority with your choice of hardware, so you’ll probably need to do quite a bit of the work yourself.


Yes im planning to use nodejs but everytime i install an npm that is also necessary it failed.

Last month i try to configure a doorlock using the nodejs it work, and then when i try it again. It failed and i noticed that the versions are not the same.
Can you help me install the complete nodejs and npm updated versions both node and npm manually thank you

Did you follow the links I provided?


Same issue…