Need help with migrating to new local server (RPI)

Hi. Trying to migrate a couple of projects to a new RPi-based instance of local server 0.17.0. I had assumed that one way to accomplish this was to generate a QR Link, then login to my new server (which as, of course, a new account) and scan this same QR link. When I attempted to do so, I get an error message stating that "This token provides access to shared project. Please log out and scan it from the login screen." I don’t think this will lead to what I want, as it will be outside of my new server account. Any help on how to migrate these projects that have any hours invested (and would take considerable time to re-key all of the widgets, pins, etc.)? Thanks!

Hello. The easiest way would be just to copy dataFolder from 1 rasp to another one. And point new one to copied dataFolder.

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