Need help with HTTP OTA

I have a website, can I put file.bin on the web for remote update?

Yes, but I think that if you’d read the whole of the topic, including the link in the first post, then you’d know that.


Can you show me how to post software on http Web?I have file.bin generated from Arduino

As @PeteKnight said, why don’t you use ota method?
Why do you need http web server?
Do you have more than one MCU to be updated?

First of all you need to read this to thread and you can find my sketch sample that implement this thing. What you need is a web server that you can upload the bin file with the name of your esp8266 Mac address ex 807D3A594528.bin one more file with the version of your bin ex 807D3A594528.version this text file can have something like 2021011901 both files should be located in the same directory of your web server. If you read the thread and follow my sketch and the explanations given here then, you will have web based OTA

Can you show me how to upload files to the Web? I haven’t figured it out yet

I need many ESP8266 updates. and I also have my own Blynk server

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You can use FTP client provided that your server that hosting your web have it enable it, or scp or your server control panel and upload the files etc. I can’t be more specific because you haven’t inform me about your server setup, type, OS and all related. Please ask these information on your system administrator or the hosting company.

Exactly how you upload files to your web server will depend on the tools that your hosting site provides, or what your favourite remote file management tool is.
I tend to use WinSCP for managing my local server and this is also what I use for moving files to my webserver.

The web server’s file structure can be a little confusing, but this might help…

Otherwise, I’d suggest that, as others have said, you provide specific and detailed information about your setup and the exact problems you are facing.


I downloaded this software according to your suggestion, I have 1 website and 1 Blynk server

Ok so what is the question? ( I am a little tired with these undocumented questions, are we play game? )…


Maybe you aren’t ready to be running a Blynk local server or a website?


I have tried installing a local Blynk server, however I don’t know how to upload the ESP8266 software

@trungkien20188 - Okay, this has now strayed too far away from the original topic, and your one line cryptic responses are not helping others to give an appropriate answer to your issues.
As a result, I’ve split this into a new topic rather than allowing you to clutter-up an otherwise useful and informative topic.


I have access to web server but cannot upload to ESP8266 software. You can see it on the picture. I do not understand this I hope you sympathize for the unknown questions

There is no point uploading the .ino file, the OTA process needs the compiled .bin file to work.

Also, I doubt very much if the files will be visible to the ESP if they are in the root folder of your webserver.


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