Need help with dsr off


i am following everything and have even tried resetting but i get the same error
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
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C:\WINDOWS\system32>cd C:\Users\varuramaprasad\Downloads\Blynk_Release_v0.3.10\Blynk\scripts

C:\Users\varuramaprasad\Downloads\Blynk_Release_v0.3.10\Blynk\scripts>blynk-ser.bat -c COM3
Connecting device at COM3 to
OpenC0C("\.\COM3", baud=9600, data=8, parity=no, stop=1) - OK
Connect(“”, “8442”) - OK

So, does it work or not? Because what I’m seeing is not really an error, it just states DSR is off. Is there anything which does not work? It connects fine as far as I can see.

Yes, i am trying to read the output data from ultrasonic sensor and it is not working. So i thought that DSR off might be an issue

Ok, so it doesn’t work, that’s bad. What have you got so far as to coding?