Need help with displaying Photon's Rx/Tx as text or graph

A Lightblue Bean is connected to Particle Photon using SoftwareSerial. We are reading the Bean’s accelerometer and sending the output to the Photon using SoftwareSerial.

The Bean’s pin 2 (Tx) is connected to the Photon’s pin Rx.
I have read the Bylnk docs and the community posts in reference to Photon’s Rx and Tx pins being used in conjunction with Blynk. I cannot figure out how to use the Photon’s Rx and Tx pins with Blynk for displaying the accelerometer information either as text or graph!

Your input is greatly appreciated.

If you can get this data from Bean to Photon into variable, simply send this value to Blynk app by using Blynk.virtualWrite() or BLYNK_READ construction

Remember to use timed events. when pushing data from hardware