Need help with Bridge

Hello, I am trying to connect two NodeMCU using Bridge widget.
Master NodeMCU will Get Temperature data, display it to Blynk Dashboard.
Then it will send the Data to Slave NodeMCU where the Slave NodeMCU will check the temperature and if the Temperature is different than as set in Blynk Dashboard using Slider, then It will Turn ON/OFF the Fan/AC and wait until the Desired/Set Temperature is reached.
Can anyone help me with this little bit as I am new to this category.
Thanks in Advance.

The Bridge widget itself doesn’t actually do anything, and as the documentation says:

Bridge widget is not required on application side (it is mostly used for indication that we have such feature)

if you search the forum you’ll find plenty of examples and tutorials about how to use bridge code to achieve what you’re looking for.

BTW, I’ve change the title of this topic tp something more manageable and appropriate.