Need Help Creating a Project-Raspberry Pi Servo with Button

I need help with creating a project that uses the blynk app to connect to the raspberry pi 3 in order to turn a servo motor from 90 degrees to 0. I don’t know how or where to start and have been looking for any form of tutorial or guidance to help.

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void loop()

To be honest, not many people use the Pi as a Blynk client. They aren’t really a great choice from a hardware point of view because of their cost, power supply requirements, the need to load an operating system and therefore the slow boot times.

However, if you’re committed to using the Pi then you’ll need to decide which flavour of programming language you want to use, and download the appropriate Blynk library.
The choices are really just Python or NodeJS.

Once you’ve made this decision and installed the library you’ll be using then take a look at the Blynk example code for that library.