Need advice for my project

I’m using ESP32 board and ttp226 touch capasitive sensor

then I would not use the touchRead() functions. Those are for using the esp32 pins as touch sensors.

So what should I use?

Have you adjusted the sensitivity?

No, When it arrived at my home, I just replace the small push button with ttp226

When I am going to use a new piece of equipment, I always try to find out how it functions, and what settings/adjustments it may have. Especially when it isn’t working how I would expect it to.

You need to add a jumper to adjust the sensitivity of the touch pads, so that there are not any false triggers on the other pins.

Wait, I just saw that video. About 3 minutes ago

Now i’m bit confuse, should I use DV pin? it says DV pin is Input Voltage adn VCC is power supply voltage