Need advice about motor control project

Hi need help of operate arduino mega to start dc to rotate a rod to lift the arms and stop at each level by limit switch and then stipper to rotate at the wanted slot slot selected by bush button .thanks


ok, so what is your question, exactly?

I suspect it will involve asking for someone to help with the code :stuck_out_tongue:

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asking for code is not a question…

Well technically it is a question e.g. “I can haz code now?” :stuck_out_tongue: Just not a good or approved question here.

@abd0 You need to make it all work with real buttons that control various movement and feedback functions first, then it will be possible to integrate Blynk later, to also control the same functions as the physical buttons do.

We can help you learn about and how to use Blynk, but we do not help you learn programming, nor do we write or troubleshoot code for others on request. There are many other websites that do that.

Ok thank you yes i want to learn

Well, since you don’t appear to have a project yet, then I suggest you start with the basics and read through the Help Center files and Documentation, then experiment with some code… with the Mega, you will probably start off connecting to the Blynk server with the USB connection and then a basic Blynk blink sketch.

Getting Started information

How to setup your Arduino with the USB link

Blynk blink

General How

General Documentation

@Gunner problem is that i have a graduation project this semester my final semester i worked on pic not arduino but my supervisor said he wanted on arduino so . but i will learn basics and trying to write the code
thanks any way i will take your advise and work on it thanks . i like programming so much

arduino is WAY easier to learn than pic. go to and see the basic learning examples.

plus, a big advantage is, that you have lots of drivers for all kind of pheriferal hardware

First of all, I’d recommend that you don’t use an Arduino Mega. Go for a Wemos D1 Mini instead. You’ll need a stepper motor control board that you drive from the Wemos, and a power supply to provide 3.3 or 5v to the Wemos and whatever voltage your motor needs.

Get it running with a physical switch to trigger an up or down movement from one shelf to another first, then look at using Blynk to replace (or work alongside) the physical switches. The way you write your code will need some careful consideration, as the stepper motor will take some time to traverse between shelf levels and you’ll need to ensure that these don’t block the code execution of your void loop(), otherwise Blynk won’t work correctly.


Yes thank you i will try that :slight_smile:

I finished the steeper motor code and cunstructed the drive to operate it and its work it run correctly but thanks for advice . Yes too many electronic i could use but not valied to use here because of some rule and somthing like that hh but thank you for your advice :slight_smile: