MyApp preview problem: "No supported WiFi networks around"

I have a project that I want to publish as an App.

My App is created, settings looks good, and I go to the “preview” button.
Add new device; press
Scanned QR, and all ok
Choose WiFi; I select my WiFi and enter password
“Power up your device…”; device is running
Ready; presses the button
Message “No supported WiFi network around” appears

Any ideas what is wrong here?

App publishing is a paid service.

Although you can generate a “preview” of what the app would like like if you decided to pay for the service.

Did you load the BLYNK Provisioning sketch to your hardware (found in the examples, under Blynk/Export_Demo), and set all necessary parameters in the settings.h tab?

When first powering on your device (esp8266, etc.) it will broadcast a wifi network that the app will connect to. Once connected it will then configure your device with the wifi parameters you entered in the app (for example: your home wifi).

I suspect you have not loaded the proper sketch and/or set up the settings.h parameters correctly.

Thanks a lot for quick response!

You are probably right about why this preview isn’t working. I had not noticed the need for this provisioning sketch, so this makes sense.