My first project!

Hello everyone,
I bought 2 weeks agos the OSOYOO Yun IoT Smart Home Kit and I still have the same problem whatever I did!
I try to control a LED via Blink with this code :

I’ve got this 2 errors :

  1. On blink : “blink not online yet”

  2. On the serial monitor : “Impossible to connect” and “Does the sketch use the bridge?”

Any advices to progress about this problem would be helpfull !

I use 1.8.10 IDE and Yun shield V&.1.6.

Many thanks.

That code is setup for a bridge for some reason. Try the sketch builder at the top of this forum first…

Dnt know anything about the board but in the sketch builder you can select Arduino Yun and Yun Bridge for internet connection :man_shrugging:

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I tried sketch builder with Arduino Yune, Yun Bridge and for the example Blynk Blynk.
The transfer seems ok : “avrdude done.”
What do I need to do on my smartphone and Blynk to see if it works ?
Thank you

The comments in the shetch builder sketch will tell you what widgets to add to the app and how to configure them.