My Blynk app is crashing on multiple Android devices

several days application is not running. Still crushing, just before connecting to the server.
Tested on Huawei Honor 5C, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Samsung Galaxy S5, Huawei MediaPad 10; android 5, 6… previously it was ok, stopped working suddenly.

Hello. Please try this build. Does that help? (You need to manually remove previous one)

I uninstall app, installed yours, cleaned data applications. I start, login details. Combines and closes. Later, without logging only closes. Still the same

Please tell me you login email.

Are your devices rooted? It may help to test on a “regular” device without jailbreaks and such.

no devices were rooted. All clear. Previously it had no problems with the same devices

@mstaniek please see private massage

Please check 2.7.2 version of Blynk app in the Play Store