My App login expired, probably

Looks like my Android App Login has expired.

While attempting to login, says, “User is not registered”.

Forgot password didn’t work either. Yesterday was getting, “Something went wrong…” error. Later today started getting, “We don’t have such email address in our database. Please re-check” error.

Would it be possible that my login got deleted due to some reason? Would love to get back access with the projects and purchased energy.

Android Blynk App Login:

Can someone from Blynk, please restore my account?


@Dmitriy please check this issue

@ilak2k have you been using Blynk Cloud server or a local server?

Thank you for your response. No Local Sever. I’ve always used the Blynk Cloud Server.

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I’m beginning to get worried if I’ll ever get back my apps. Any updates on this please?

Hello. We do remove the old and unused accounts. Every 6 months such accounts are removed. Is that your case?

Hi, yes. It’s very much possible. I got engaged with some VFX Work, that also required me to shift my residence and had to pack my devices. Couldn’t set them up at my new house and now is the time. I’m considering to be active again. Can you please recover it for me?

Hi. Any updates on this? Please tell me that recovery is possible :cold_sweat:
I would love to get back IoT’ing :smiley:
Please let me know guys…

Is this post expired? Should I open a new post? Or, would it be considered a duplicate post? Expecting your response. Thanks!

@ilak2k No, unfortunately recovery is not possible

Noooo! O.M.G :sneezing_face:
My time, my apps and my purchased energies? All gone?

I’ve arranged at least 5 apps. Spent months.

Guys why is there not even a reminder or a confirmation email or any sort of communication before my login got removed? Why would you do that?

A simple, “Hey there. Your account is kaboom in 30 days.” would’ve helped.

Honestly, there must be something that you COULD do. Please tell the best, that you could do for me.

@Dmitriy can you please clarify “unused accounts”. Does that mean the Blynk app on the phone and projects created has not been used in six months? What I am trying to ask is if I have a Blynk project working a set of lights and if I do not open the Blynk app on my phone for six months the account is deleted?

I have the same issue. I’m a new member since Jun 2018 and I’ve created some projects on Blynk too.

After changing my phone, I have not to use Blynk on my phone for months. Last week I open Blynk and I was not able to log into my account. I’ve created a new account with the same email as used before, and of course, all the 5000 energies that I’ve bought are gone! So

  • Can I get my energies back? I can provide Google Play Order Receiptbill for that.
  • Why I did not receive any warning before my account is deleted?


Admins, techs & elites… I know you’re all super busy with your next thing. It would be great if you sort this out along the way. My developments are at a standstill.

I understand my projects and apps are gone. At least can I get my energies back? I could try to retrieve my google play order receipts. Would it work?


Blynk team, I’ve been requesting to get back to Blynk since 26th April. I have not received any solution to my issue here? Why not close this?

This was my feedback, back in 2016. Please don’t make me regret this…

@Dmitriy @Eugene @BlynkAndroidDev @Pavel
Guys, please restore my energies…

We replied to you already many days ago. Please follow instructions in the message

@Dmitriy @Eugene @BlynkAndroidDev @Pavel
Sorry! I missed the part where I had to Signup again. I’ve signed up, logged in and scanned the QR’s now.

There were 10 QR’s in total. I started scanning from the top left and the last 3 QR’s gave me, “This code was already redeemed. Have questions - email to”.

Thank you for restoring the energies, so far. Can I expect 3 more QR’s please?