Multiple uses of the same widget/virtual port on different tabs

I’ve designed an app where I use 4 tabs.

The first one is the Dash, where I want to display key info using LEDs and VALUE widgets on Virtuals Ports.

The second tab, I wish to display the additional info about sub areas of the system.I want to use the same LED/VPort and value as the dash as well as add other info like history graph (which wont fit on the first tab).

Any chance you guys have plans to allow the use of the same Widget & VPort but only on a different tab?
I want to avoid making more calls to Blynk just to display the same status LED.


I’d settle for a split screen Tab. When you place the Tab widget for example halfway the screen, only the bottom half changes with the tabs and the top stays the same. I’d like to see my terminal on all tabs, but facing the same issue as you, can’t re-use pins :slight_smile: