Multiple users in same auth token

Can I run multiple blynk platform ( more than 1 moblyphones) with same auth token.? It means more than one users in the same project.

Not necessarily from your first question.

10 phones, 10 different people but all using one log in account, therefore just 1 user.

If the 10 users have their own accounts then only the person that created the project has full access to it.

That user can share the project with the other 9 users though, but they can’t modify the project.

I see …Thank you …

I tried this. The developer has to have his project in run mode for others to be able to use it. This is a bit of a dampener. So each one of them has to use the same account to overcome this condition.

This is the “demonstration” mode whereby the developer is showing how powerful Blynk is so he / she will be in run mode.

@Costas I’m perplexed now. Is there a way to share a project where the other person can run the project even though the creator is not using the project at that time? Would like to do this for certain. Could you let me know how? Where did I go wrong?

No, it would perhaps be more accurate to call it demo mode rather than shared mode. So if the developer is no longer demonstrating the project i.e. not in run mode, then it’s no longer available for others to use.

Ah… My situation is one where I’ve a device at home. I’m creating the project. I want my family members to use the same project to control the hardware. I know I can share it but for me to have the project in runmode for them to be able to use it is a big restriction.

Can I clone the project and give them the same token on a different account? That would be the next best alternative. Seems like this would be possible only using the app builder. It is, however, too expensive to subscribe to the appbuilder plan if it just for family use. I wish we had a facility to just build the app and pay for every such compilation. Dont need provisioning or dedicated server etc…

Would the team provide such an option?


The options are:

  1. As developer you keep the project in run mode


  1. The family all use the same login credentials

For domestic use this is fine. For more than this then you know what is needed.

Why keeping a project in run mode is a restriction for you?

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I generally exit the app to do something else. I may not be available or reachable if the project is not in run node when the family member needs to use the control. I would end up giving them my credentials but run the risk of modifications that I cannot control.

I’ve to be conscious not to exit but just switch apps… If we had a password to edit a project, even that would serve the purpose. I could then share the credentials to run the project without hesitation.

@mohan_sundaram just run multiple instances of Blynk on your smartphone.

If you kill or exit Blynk app, your project is still in run mode, because we keep this state in the cloud. You can only manually stop it.

Really? Please help me understand. I am running a project and share it. I then exit Blynk app by hitting the back button. The project exits from run mode to dev mode and then the app itself. If the recepient launches Blynk with that project link, it says the primary instance is not running. I open Blynk on my phone and go into runmode and the secondary user is then able to use the app. I’ve done nothing by logging into the web server.

I infer from your statement that unless I log into the web server using my account and stop the project, the secondary user should be able to use the app. Will try again.

Why don’t you just try it :wink: ? It’s even faster than writing the post

  1. Share
  2. Press Play
  3. Kill the app
  4. Check the shared project on another smartphone
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Does work well. Key difference was that I went to dev mode and exited. If I exit while in runmode, the app works in the secondary phone.


You got it… stopping the project and leaving (minimising) the App are separate things… You can have multiple projects, some active some not, in a single running App that has been minimised in the phones background.

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