Multiple user on a board


I am a French teacher (IT) in middle high school.
I use Blynk with iPad, a local server (0.41.12) on a raspberry pi.
It works really good, nice solution, easy to use with my older student.
I have a new project of “weather station” for my younger student.
I just want that they create the Blynk app, they didn’t now Arduino language.
I have only on weather station for my 16 groupes of students.
I have modified the .user files, restart the server, all the user have a project with the same token.
On user can access to the weather station all is good working.
But only one can access to the weather station, for the other the message is “board offline”…
I have tried with the push data and push data on request, but this is the same result.
So my question is there a way to solve my problem :

  • Multiple users have to create is own app for reading the datas from only one board ?

thank’s for your answer

you could have one actual weather station with token etc, pushing the data to the server. then every student can create his own blynk project + a basic hardware and get the data from the actual weather station using blynk api http get commands. then push the data to the students app. it sounds complicated, but in reality it is quite simple. you don`t have to use the same token.

Thanks for your answer. After a first read it seem a lite complex.
But I will try it.
If a have good understood one weather station with is one app.
Each groupe of student with their own board, each board “read” data from the weather station with http api and then resend the values to the groupe app.
Is-it the working method of the http api ?

yes, that should be quite easy to do with esp8266 + http get commands.