Multiple notifications in Blynk

Hi. I would like to know how to integrate multiple notifications in Blynk. I am using multiple sensors and would like a notification to popup when the sensors go below a certain value. When I use Blynk.notify for both sensors, only 1 seems to work since they both kinda overlap each other. Any idea on how to work this out will be great. Thanks

You could combine the two messages into one, or stagger the sending of the messages slightly.


Hi Pete. The thing is I need separate notifications since each sensor works separately. Eg. When the ph goes below a certain value I want a notification and when the temperature goes below a certain value I need another notification. How can this be done?

By taking the sensor readings for PH and Temp separately, at intervals that don’t coincide.


So by changing the timer.setInterval for both sensors to different values will it work? Like 2000L for one and 5000L for the other.

Yes, except they will overlap every 10 seconds.
If you put a delay(250); between the two timer declarations then they always be running 1/4 second apart so shouldn’t overlap.


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Great​:+1: Thank you very much.:blush: