Multiple instances of Blynk on a phone?

Is it possible to have more than one Instance of Blynk on a phone?
I know this is possible by publishing my own app on the App Store but this seems a complicated way to do it. I just need a simple method to split up my Blynk pages into multiple Apps, one App per project instead of multiple projects in my Blynk App.
Sorry if this has been answered previously, I have searched the Forum and had no success but I might be asking or thinking about the question in the wrong way.

if two only you can use parallel app to keep two apps of Blynk

I do recall a similar question, but it was hard to find :microscope:

I think the answer (for Android) was another App like this… no idea if iOS has similar option.

You can use dual apps in Android. If you use the commercial Blynk plan, it is only app per subscription.