Multiple devices

I’ve just realised something - I was banging on about multiple pages for a house control setup… and I’ve just twigged that the whole page is dedicated to one device. How would you go about talking to multiple devices… not separate projects surely?

This feature is under testing at the moment. Will be released in few days.

There are a couple of options to talk to multiple devices already

  1. Using Bridge functionality and route everything from child devices to parent device to project in the app
  2. Use same Auth Token on multiple devices and send data through Virtual Pins

too few virtual pins for #2

I think I mentioned that - how hard can it be to take the virtual pins up to 99 ??

Number of V pins is defined by hardware type. @vshymanskyy will reply better

Arduino is a very low power device, don’t expect it to act as a real computer.


Not intention of using An Arduino or any device directly. I have dozens of devices under the control of Node-Red via MQTT - I will use the Virtual pins to control them - that’s why I suggested more… I’m not really sure about the tie up anyway between virtual pins and real ones - on an Arduino - you might want to do a number of things - one way would be to send a message to it somehow - don’t think we can do that - or to send a Virtual pin number… it could be something totally unrelated to pins.

if it s defined by hardware type, maybe just the generic board type, or another Extended Generic Board type could have more
/edit the PI could use pins as well since it s a more powerful device