Multiple connection and ESP8266-modul with arduin

Hi there,

really cool App. I tried it out with an Arduino and an ESP8266 modul. Everything works fine! :clap:

But now I want to connect my sonsors to Thingspeak as well.
For a continous connection to Blynk, I have to set a multiple connection
(“AT+CIPMUX=1”) and connect to both server via different mux_id’s.

The connection to Thingspeak was successful (mux_id1). But how can I
connect to Blynk via mux_id2? is there a method like
“Blynk.begin(mux_id, auth, wifi, ssid, password)” or something like
this? I saw the respectiv funktions in the ESP8266.cpp, like
“sATCIPSTARTMultiple” or “sATCIPSENDMultiple”. But do not find a way to
tell Blynk to use a specific mux_id to connect!

Would be thankful for help!

Could you please tell us what you need in thingspeak that Blynk doesn’t have? We may add this :slightly_smiling:

Blynk is a very clearly arranged App to control, check current values or values in a small window. Thingspeak offers a multifunctional tool for data logging or analyzing for example. If you put such functionalities into Blynk, wouldn’t your app get overcrowded and confusing?

Isn’t it more interesting to work with multiple connections? What if I would like to get data from another server, like weather or sport results (maybe :wink: )?

Why in small window?

I don’t know. Depends on what exactly do you need.

We have plans to do that in future via additional widget.

At the moment I have four diagrams to observe some values. Probably a view more soon. In Blynk there is place for only 3 history graphs, further it would be to much for me if I’ll put all the diagrams into Blynk.

It would better to see only the current values in Blynk and have more place for the control buttoms, because I don’t need to see the diagrams all the time. I rather would sometimes take a look to the diagrams on a bigger screen, so it’s better to do it on Thingspeak. It’s really more interesting for me to do it with multiple connections. Is there no way?

We will do Tabs widget soon and it will resolve problem you describe. Regarding multiple connections - I think this possible. But can’t help you here as I haven’t did it by myself.

Ok,Thanks. I try to find a way and post it here when I’m successful.