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Hi to all, i’m developing a sensor presence detector based on wifi sniffing. I would to choose the mac to enable using blynk but I didn’t find a way to select multiple entries in a list. Someone can help me ?

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be more explicit, i do not understand what you try to do.

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I would show to the user a list of sniffed wifi mac address so he can choose which of these may be used to detect human presence in the house. I’m thinking to something like this


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You can use Table Widget


Thanks ! Table widget is perfect for my needs.

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@fireport Thank you for your interest work and i have worked on same project with another goal and sensor can you share your result or code or anything that may help me?

Best regards.

For the moment the project gone in standby until I will solve a big problem that I didn’t expected : the sniffing macs require that esp8266 must be disconnected form the network and this, of course, cause problem with blynk app that can’t be used to setup the mac addresses :frowning_face:

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However that was amazing work so i’m working on it, So i hope that the Blynkers help us.
Thanks Man.