Multiple channels on joystick

Hi fellow blynkers,
some weeks ago I was developing a Bluetooth car with a module and my Arduino Uno, but I was using some crapy apps that weren’t as close as Blynk, so I tried to do it with Blynk, using the joystick, but couldn’t make it go backward due to lack of channels. I tried changing the min max value of the joystick to -255 to 255, but couldn’t manage to make it work on Arduino.
So maybe it would be good to include more channels on same widget to let this work, like if it’s on 0 then nothing happens, and when positive send specific data only to chosen channel, same with negative. Like two sliders on sale widget.
Maybe it can also be used on other widgets too, any idea/suggestion?

Check how to work with Virtual Pins - this is what you need.

And please share the video of your car controlled by Joystick!

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Oooo, I missed the virtual pin part… sorry, my bad.

And of course, I’ll share my project once I’m done.

Thank you so much for the help!

You can switch to MERGE mode and check this example actually:

OK, got it. Now I’ll implement some signal lights and horn.