Multicast - Simultaneously command multiple devices


I have an arduino uno, that I’m looking to use with a GSM Module GSM/GPRS M590E kit. I’ve chosen a IOT GSM provider yet, but I’m considering using soracom because it appears to be cheaper than Hologram.

My question is, is it possible to create a multicast button with blynk? For example I would like to activate a function simultaneously with 10 devices by pressing one button in blynk that would send out a trigger to all 10 devices that have a GSM module.

Also will blynk work with soracom or is there any other providers that you’d recommend?


Blynk uses the GSM modem as a direct network link to the Blynk Server.

If you wish to control other GSM devices from your Blynkified Arduino, then you will probably need to send them some form of webhook command over the internet, via code written on your Arduino.

Of course that depends on what they are running for firmware… if they are also running similar Blynk connected sketches, then you can easily communicate/control them via Blynk Bridge

You can use Tag as a target in Button widget