Multi Control Cricuit

I’m tying to create a circuit which can be controlled using blynk app & using sensors. I have an arduino uno hookep up to an ethernet shied which I then connected it with some LED, Servo, & PIR sensor .
LED for Lights
Servo for Fans
PIR for motion detection

please help me with build a code which will allow me to control these three things via blynk & it should also respond to the instructions given by the sensor.

I’m trying to create a project based on "Home Automation Using IoT!!!

Hello and Welcome to Blynk. We (the other Blynk users on this forum) will not help you build your code, that is your requirement alone, but we will help you get over hurdles as you learn and acquire specific Blynk related questions.

Remember, Google is your friend, as is this sites Search Function, Documents, Help Center and Sketch Builder (All accessible at the top of this page). Reading through those pages will be vital for your progress