Motor drive

Can anybody please help me I want a motor run foreword one second and reverse one second (pre settable time) and stop when pressing a button (push) in blynk I am using Esp 8266 standalone

What have you found out so far? There are probably many ways to accomplish this, but you probably gonna need a motor-driver board. You can’t output voltage for the motor directly on the ESP.

All the hardware I have it I need a code please.

I’m gonna be a bit blunt here, but this is not a code-factory. What have you tried and what problems are you running into? I’d love to help, but I’m not a free coder :slight_smile:


I am 100% conscious that this is not a code factory, I have tried different ways using many sample code but it was not a success I am just requesting a help to know any sample code or any thread to guide.

What did you try and what is not working? Custom projects require custom coding. Have you got something that should work, but doesn’t?

I am withdrawing the request due to negative attitude. I will try myself. thank you very much.

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I have to agree with @Lichtsignaal here, at least show what you have attempted so far. Check out lichtsignaal’s other posts, they are very active member and extremely helpful towards others.

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I know ,he also helped me a lot in my previous doubts and request ,since I am very much interested in blynk and arduino I was doing lot of experiments. most of the case I succeeded but this project I couldn’t that is why I requested a help, but the way I got the reply was disappointing , may be the way I requested was wrong any way I am really sorry for that.

It’s not a negative attitude, I’m trying to convey some knowledge to you and others and try to help you learn new stuff. It’s a matter of interest and exploration of new things. I never had anyone guide me. I had to do everything myself and when I don’t I ask what I don’t know and fiddle with things. I’ve got a feeling some people lack certain commitment to their own fun and projects and that is a bit disappointing to me and takes away the drive to help others.

This whole new IOT stuff is perfect for fiddling with things you don’t understand but if you don’t even want to try and learn but like to rely on others, that’s fine, but that is not what I’m about.

I am really sorry if I hurt you, It was happen because of my enthusiasm and addiction to electronics, mainly automation I am an electronics hobbyist but poor in programming ,mean time I am not believing spoon feeding also. Thank you.

Glad we agree on that :wink:

My idea for your project would be to add two sliders, on for reverse time and one for forward time and have a button like "Go/Stop"or something like that.

I made something similar, but without Blynk, for my vinyl record cleaner. It should just be a couple of lines including Blynk. I suggest you start by looking at the virtual pins examples so you can catch the slider values in your program.

Thank you for your reply.
My idea is , I have a wall mount fan , the on off is I controlled by ESP8266 with RF module using blynk .It is working fine, there is a speed control switch operated by pulling down and releasing nylons rope attached the rotary switch manually .This rope I wanted to attach with a gear 12 v motor to be operated along with blynk. It can be controlled by electronic regulator but I want a change. I am trying as advised by you.

Ah I see where this is going, creative engineer, I like it :smiley:

I’d advise using a so called stepper motor. These can be found in, amongst other things, old printers. They can be adjusted step-by-step with a Library (Stepper-something, it’s in the Arduino IDE I believe). The stepper motor can be put into a certain position, based on a slider. I think this would be more efficient and easier to code.